A Super Bowl Commercial in Prime Time

The Johnsonville Italian Sausage TV Commercial — one of the funniest and saddest commercials out today.  It could easily be a Super Bowl hero.  How many of us would chuckle but if you stop to think about it, it’s heartbreaking.

Here is what appears to be a 30 – something year old still mooching off his parents and they even try faking a newspaper article to entice him to move out of their home.   You can see on their faces the look of utter frustration when he misinterprets the entire episode and turns it around as a means for him to continue his mooching.

In 2006 Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Bates and Terry Bradshaw starred in the hilarious movie entitled “Failure to Launch”.  McConaughey plays a young man in his 30’s whose parents desperately want to get him out of the house so they can start to enjoy some private moments together and run around the house in a fashion they choose.  They are so desperate they actually hire someone to pretend an interest in their son so as to peak his desire to move out on his own.  Things take a sudden downward spiral when the young woman falls in love with their wayward son and cannot continue the charade.

The movie is quite enjoyable and can be purchased here on Amazon.  It is well worth the buy.

Get this hilarious movie

Get this hilarious movie

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Even with all the humor of both the movie and the commercial it’s really a sad fact that so many young people today are living at home not because they are lazy or worthless but because they can’t find a job even after receiving a first class education.  Something seems to be wrong with this picture and I fear it is only going to get worse at some point.

Of course, we still have the slackers out there that will do anything to continue living off their parents.   These kids should be given some household responsibilities to teach them there are no free rides in life and if they choose to live at home they must contribute to the family monetarily or actively.  Part time jobs are sometimes a necessity until full time employment is available.  Parent shouldn’t be expected to support their children forever.

Unfortunately there may come a time in the evolution of our country that families will be forced to live together because it is the only financial way to survive.  Past generations took care of their parents and they all lived together in one home.  Today’s generation appears to be the reverse of that situation.  I hope we never find ourselves in a place where we must decide whose home will be big enough to house two generations.  Even more so I hope if that time ever comes our children and their children will embrace the lifestyle with grace and understanding.  After all, parents nurture and provide for their children when they cannot do it for themselves.   Shouldn’t children care for their parents when the roles are reversed?  It’s something we all need to evaluate and think about.

In the meantime, on a lighter note, watch this hilarious movie and have an enjoyable ride.

Johnsonville Commercial

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