What Really is Domestic Violence?

In our society today we are plagued with this question over and over.  Almost daily we hear of women, children and even men at times being abused by a spouse, partner or family member.   But we must then ask ourselves the question:  what really constitutes domestic abuse? Some will explain it as physical violence against […]

Betty’s Pies Will Never Be The Same

For the past 30 years and a good time prior to that I have spent my summers relaxing at the North Shore.  The memories I have shared with my family and friends are the treasures that fill my heart and mind. One of the most precious memories was our annual trip to Betty’s Pies, a […]

Happy Fourth of July

Every year we are reminded of the many blessings we have as Americans.  This year especially with all turmoil in the world we must be even more thankful for the freedom we have to speak our mind and enjoy life to the fullest. When I  think of enjoying life I am reminded of my beautiful […]

Ten Tips For Your Internet Business

Ten Tips For Your Internet Business In today’s world we all know that marketing on the internet is the fastest way to build your business.  Just follow these tips and you will see your business grow. Ten Basic Tips on Building Your Internet Business Use Social Media on a regular basis. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram […]

Does your ancestry have a story to tell?

I was married and had two children before I met my Aunt Mary from Norway.  She was a petite little lady with gnarled hands and feet due to severe arthritis and gout which was treated by removing the bones from her fingers and toes.  Her deformity never bothered her demeanor and she was happy and […]

How Work at Home Grandma was Created

This little story is on my front cover because it was my very first post.  As my grand babies are the best part of my heart I wanted you to enjoy seeing their pictures.   Copyhound was created a few years ago when I decided to make some changes in my life.  I was working […]