Ben Carson Silences the Ladies of The View

On October 6, 2015, Dr. Benjamin Carson appeared the talk show “The View”.   The current moderator of The View is the formidable Whoopi Goldberg with co-hosts Joy Behar, Candace Cameron Bure, Michelle Collins, Paula Faris and Raven-Symone .

The Emmy Award winning talk show has been on the air since 1997 when it premiered with Barbara Walters at the helm and well known original cast members  Meredith VieiraJoy BeharStar Jones, and Debbie Matenopoulos.

A Class Act

A Class Act

Since its original debut there have been numerous cast changes, shake-ups, backstage feuds, and live battles, all of which have played a part in the show’s evolution.   Barbara Walters left The View in 2014 and the event was the beginning of the show’s ratings collapse.

Prior to Walters’ retirement, the grand lady ran the show with an iron fist often tempering the conversation when needed making it obvious to viewers that she was definitely in charge.   Ratings declined after Barbara left the show and today they are still struggling for an on air presence to match their Emmy Award winning repertoire for Outstanding Talk Show in 2003 and Outstanding Talk Show Hosts in 2009.  It was quite humorous when the award was announced and not one of the co-hosts attended the ceremony that year.  They had lost so many times to Ellen DeGeneres they decided it was a done deal.

We have all watched the show go from sparkling commentary to a left-wing political hack all in the course of its 19 years on the air.  The recent ratings spike may not be enough to keep the show alive and my vote is already cast for cancellation. When Whoopi’s contract expires next year it will be all over unless she decides to stay on board.

I have watched the show faithfully since its inception in 1997 and have found it pitifully downgraded in legitimacy since Barbara Walters left the scene 2014.

The game of revolving co-hosts certainly negates the appeal of the show.  Its one token right wing co-host is blatantly obvious especially when that one co-host takes pause in speaking their mind for fear of on- air retribution by their counterparts.

Needs to retire

Needs to retire

It is because of this left-sided slant to every “hot topic” discussed on the show that I have chosen to turn the channel.  In view (no pun intended) of the current ratings, perhaps others have done the same.

In its glory the show was touted as one of the best and first to list a sitting President as among its guests.   When President Barack Obama appeared on the show in 2010 it was quite a coup for them.  It has since evolved into hosting other political guests on the right and the left.  Those on the right come on the show in peril for an obliteration of their reputation by the left-wing agenda.

John McCain and his wife were excoriated in 2008 and I almost felt sorry for him even though he was not my choice of candidate.  I have watched a few of the recent candidates in the Republican arena appear on the show and find that some of them held their own quite well.  The show in which Ben Carson arrived on the scene was particularly fascinating as he ended his appearance with the ladies having absolutely nothing to say.  It was quite refreshing to say the least.

I watched as Whoopi Goldberg hushed the audience with a wave of her hand and easily silenced her co-hosts with one word when the conversation threatened to take an unhealthy turn.   I’m not sure if this was because the guest was African American or because Whoopi has done her homework and was giving Dr. Carson the respect he deserved.  I have not always agreed with Whoopi in her opinions but she is valued by many and definitely a class act.

I cannot say the same for Joy Behar who in my opinion could call in sick any day of the week.  She is the major reason I switch the channel.  The rest of the co-hosts I cannot give a fair opinion of as my exposure to them has been very limited.

It was interesting how Dr Carson was able to silence the ladies without insulting them or demeaning their viewpoints in any way.   The ladies came prepared to pummel him with questions in an attempt to put him on the defensive.  It didn’t work.   I noticed that Whoopi was actually nervous when reading the monitor stating the topics of discussion regarding Carson’s campaign quotes.  This was because Dr. Carson corrected each of her statements as they were worded to place him in the more unbecoming light.

The ladies attempted to rebuke him for his belief in the family; his disapproval of abortion and his stance on evolution.  Joy Behar was left speechless when Dr. Carson began to explain two different terms of evolution (“micro evolution” and “macro evolution”) and how they related to the actual age of the relics that support the theory.  His answers were all amazing and I recommend everyone should see the interview for themselves.  You can go to HULU or whatever program you have available.

I’m not sure why Fox didn’t play it up more but then they have already picked their favorite and shamefully it’s not Ben Carson.

One of the most important things that were brought to the forefront by Dr Carson was the contention that the majority of people living in Nazi Germany did not agree with Hitler but there were not enough of them who were willing to stand up for what they did believe in.  He pointed out that all Americans need to stand up and be counted for what they believe in and not sit back and watch our nation be transformed into a society that we abhor.  We can only do this by being informed.  We must start to find out what it means when unemployment is touted at just over 5% but millions of people are still out of work and living off the government.

There are numerous conflicting issues that confront our country and many disagreements on how to solve our problems.  We as a nation have failed to educate those who need to learn, to inform those who would rather stick their heads in the sand; to awaken our nation to the burden we are leaving behind for future generations when we are floundering under 18 trillion dollars of debt.  This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue.  It is an issue for the people; it is an issue for the nation.

A Book We Should All Read

A Book We Should All Read

I don’t know what part Ben Carson will play in the future of our nation.  I don’t know if he will win the Republican nomination or if he will become President.  I do hope whomever wins will consider him a vital asset to their administration.  You can read his new book entitled “A More Perfect Union” by clicking here for the link to Amazon.

Yes, we will always have our differences.  My own family consists of Democrats and Republicans, but I don’t love them any less because they have a different political point of view.  We need to remember what are nation was founded upon and that we are  one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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