Ben Carson Slams Left Wing Media

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It’s hard to even imagine Ben Carson raising his voice but this past week he did that and a lot more.

Since his entrance into the race for President of the United States, Carson has been the subject of ridicule by the media, as well his own Republican rival Donald Trump, for being too quiet; too laid back and even “sleeping”.   That public image changed drastically this past week when Carson blasted the left wing media accusing them of conducting a “witch hunt” for Republicans candidates, himself included.  He very poignantly stated in no uncertain terms that the left wing agenda was biased against Republicans and even noted the difference in their behavior towards Barack Obama when he ran for office.

As I thought about all this I can recall many instances of the liberal media virtually ignoring any questionable actions by the Democratic candidates, the most recent being Hillary Clinton.  It is interesting to note that it was very clear that Clinton lied about the cause of the Benghazi murders yet the left wing media only gave her praise for withstanding eleven hours of testimony.  On the other hand, Politico as well as CNN criticized Ben Carson for remarks in his biography regarding West Point, his temper as a child and even his off handed remark made at a speech years ago relating the pyramids in Egypt to the time of Joseph when grain was stored to avert the effects of an impending famine.  That wasn’t a statement of what he necessarily believed to be fact; it was a statement based on a true story from the Bible.  Carson was simply stating a “what if” moment.  Wow, how many of us have made such off handed comments about very serious issues and normal people know that the comment is simply a “what if” moment and that’s all.

The liberal media is so biased that they are struggling to find the smallest innuendo; the tiniest piece of gossip; anything that will make Carson look bad.  Why?  Because they know he is an honest man; they know he is better than most politicians; and they know the people of the United States already deem him the most trustworthy of all candidates both on the left and the right.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has a trust factor of 40%.  That  means 60% of Americans believe Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted.  I wonder how many Americans feel that way about Barack Obama.  Yet in spite of this many will vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

So why are we even giving any credibility to the litany of the left?  Why are Americans even listening to the garbage that flows from their lips?   It is almost as if “someone” or “something” has placed a blindfold over their eyes.  Just think about it my friends.  Our nation is in deep trouble.  We are fighting for the survival of our Republic and yet we argue over whether or not Ben Carson had a temper when he was fourteen years old or whether or not he was offered a scholarship at West Point when we are faced with a 20 trillion dollar deficit; when Social Security is almost insolvent; when we are hated and disrespected in the world because of the indecisive policies of Barack Obama; and when our country is divided along racial lines as well as political issues.

I don’t know if Ben Carson would make a good president; I don’t know if Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would fill the bill.  What I do know is that if and when we elect Hillary Clinton to the White House, we will continue on the Obama road towards the destruction of America.

People say Bernie Sanders has a great idea for pushing our country towards Socialism as Sweden, Norway and Denmark are doing great following that type of government.  I wonder why Norway has such a long waiting line for medical care or why Sweden is almost bankrupt or why crime is rampant in the streets blamed on the influx of a migrant population throughout Europe.  People will say this is only rumor but I think all Americans need to do their own homework and really investigate what is like to live in Socialism and then choose it over the freedom we have in America.

Read Ben Carson's Book

Read Ben Carson’s Book

Close your eyes for a moment before you click off this blog. 

Imagine a world without the United States of America.  Now imagine the lives of your children without the United States of America. 

Then make your choice. 

For more on Ben Carson see his book: A More Perfect Union: What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties 

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