CNBC Fumbles Republican Debate

On Wednesday evening, October 28th I watched another political debacle which was advertised as a Republican Debate but was really the left wing media poking fun and showing disrespect in every way possible for the Republican candidates standing on the platform.

Every question was loaded to project a “gotcha moment” and unfortunately even though the candidates for the most part were able to debunk the question or turn it to their advantage, the damage had already been done.  And that, my friends, was the whole point of the exercise.  CNBC did not give two hoots as to what each candidate had to offer for the office of President of the United States.  They had already made up their minds that the election would be won by the Democratic Party and they were doing everything possible to further that agenda.

I’m guessing most of you were watching the World Series and that was certainly a better choice.  Questions were so ridiculous that they ranged from “are you like a cartoon character, shouldn’t you resign from the Senate and how do you think we should regulate fantasy football.  Ted Cruz received a resounding applause when he accused the moderators of instigating a “cage match” between the candidates. To paraphrase Chris Christie, “I mean – really.  Are you kidding?  Fantasy football when our country is falling apart.  We have 19 Trillion dollars of debt, Social Security is practically bankrupt and we are being infiltrated daily by terrorists”.

Right now the candidates, under the leadership of Ben Carson, have banded together to discuss future debates set up by the RNC.  The Republican hierarchy did not do a good job of vetting the stations that would hold the debates nor the moderators.   The news today is that the RNC has broken ties with NBC and canceled the debate scheduled in February.  The schedule thus far has been Fox, CNN, CNBC and Fox Business Network on November 10th.

Do you think Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would agree to a debate held on Fox??  The thought is positively ludicrous.  The Democratic Party would not allow it.  The only Democratic debate held on CNN was moderated by Anderson Cooper and the questions were geared to fit into the agenda of the party with very few difficult ones and no “I gotcha” questions.  Seeing as we now only have three Democratic candidates all with the same platform, I see no point in future love fests being aired on television.  The media will do a good job for Hillary and she’ll have no problems being on the ticket for President of the United States.  Whether she makes it through the door of the White House is yet to be determined.

Ted Cruz was fantastic

Ted Cruz was fantastic

For myself I would love to see the top candidates in each party discussing the issues in front of the American people BEFORE the primaries.  Wouldn’t that be a more accurate way to judge who was the strongest and more versed candidates?    The problem is I have no idea what channel would be neutral enough to house the event.

In any case, all debates whether between Democrats and Republicans, Democrats and Democrats or Republicans and Republicans MUST have moderators that are equally selected from each political affiliation.  There is no other way to get a fair debate.   When left wing moderators have an agenda and it is not to inform the American people but to destroy the credibility of as many Republicans as possible we have a problem in this country.  Whatever happened to a media who reported the news and then allowed the American people to make up their own minds?   It simply no longer exists.  One thing is definite: America has to change course or we will surely crumble under the weight of our current disarray.

Here’s a link for Dr. Carson’s newest book.   A More Perfect Union: What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties 

Read Ben Carson's Book

Read Ben Carson’s Book

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