Eight Important Tips for Video Marketing by Work at Home Grandma

In today’s freelance marketplace it is fast becoming a trend to include a video along with any training, tips or expertise you have to pass along to your followers. Video is making tons of money for many new entrepreneurs today. A four to five minute video is all you need. YouTube is easy to use and you can easily put the link into your blog posts.

For many people video is difficult and I can truly relate to that because I’m one of them. More and more I’m becoming comfortable with video because I do think it is part of becoming successful at any online business. Below I’ve listed some helpful hints on how to begin and what’s important when making a video to sell yourself or your product.

Step 1: Always begin your video with a hook by asking a question and then calling attention to the answer. A sample: Do you know what the most popular technique for ——– Then pay close attention because I have an answer for you.

Step 2: Tell a story to connect to your audience. Story is really one of the most important ways to reach out and connect. Everything begins with story; even marketing.

Step 3: Paint a clear picture to your audience of how they should go about receiving your product or system. Use a little scare tactic such a “this won’t be available forever or you’ll want to get this before the market is saturated.”

Step 4: Tie in your product or offering with your story such as “I used to work 9 to 5 but when I had a health scare, I knew I had to change my lifestyle and that’s when I ———- etc.

Step 5: List the features and benefits of your product. What does it do and how does that benefit the consumer.

Step 6: Make your product credible. Show them examples of case studies or give them statistics of success stories.

Step 6: Throw out some questions and answers. Try to answer all the questions you think people might ask before they buy.

Step 7: Call to action. Don’t forget to ask them for the sale. Building your value, you can remind them to act now so they don’t miss out on the valuable product you are offering. Reiterate the “act now warning” you gave earlier in your presentation.

Step 8: Do a recap of everything in summary form and again give them a final call to action.

That’s it in a nutshell folks. Now if you’re shy about putting your own face out there, I have a great suggestion. You might want to look into some video marketing that will easily help you along the way. There is actually software out there that will give you all the help you need to begin making videos that will make you money.
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