Five Tips to Guarantee People Will Fight Over Your Cookies

What are the tricks of the trade for making the best cookies ever?  There are five basic tips that if you follow, your cookies will receive all the compliments and will never be thrown in the garbage or fed to the birds – guaranteed.

When I was young I loved baking cookies with my mother. I can recall the tons of cookies I now make at Christmas and of course the sugar cookies that melt in your mouth and can be cut out in any shape desired for any holiday.   I taught my grandchildren to bake cookies with me when they were very young.

Of course the all time favorite cookie for everyone is always Chocolate Chip.  In fact the cookie is such a staple at my house, there is a always a supply in the freezer.   Hot chocolate chip cookies are awesome with a large glass of milk.  I’ve attached the recipe in this blog and also some tips for making them.

Baking Cookie with Clarissa

Baking Cookie with Clarissa

My mother’s chocolate chip recipe is a little different than most and was taken off the Pillsbury Flour bag about 30 years ago.

Oops I’m really dating myself.

My son always hates it when I give away the recipe because it is so unique.  I’m not worried about it as I won’t ever be a “Mrs. Fields”.

As I already mentioned, the holidays bring recipes galore out of the woodwork.  In my next few blogs I’ll be sharing some of those special recipes but I wanted to ask you a question in this post.

When you make your cookies at Christmas or other occasions do people actually fight over the last remaining on the platter?  Do they rave over your assortment when you bring them a Christmas box? OR do your cookies get dumped out within a few days because they are hard, dry or tasteless?

Unfortunately this happens to a great deal of people.  Here are five special tips from the Work at Home Grandma.

  • When making any cookie recipe, be sure to hand mix the batter.  Do not use a blender as this will cause the dough to be too airy and your cookies will taste just like it – a bunch of hot air.
  • Always cream your shortening and sugars very thoroughly as this is what makes the cookie smooth and tasty. If your shortening and sugars are not blended well, the cookies will not absorb the other flavors properly and will be tasteless and grainy.
  • Always use pure flavoring whether it is almond or vanilla. Never use imitation in your cookies.
  • Use only the freshest and finest ingredients such as salt free butter or Crisco Shortening, fresh baking powder, soda or salt.
  • Finally and most importantly – Never over bake your cookies.  Even though the recipe may say 8-10 minutes the baking time depends on your oven.  Cookies that are baked until brown on more than the edges will usually become dry and hard just a few days after baking.   If you are baking for Christmas, keep the cookies very small as people like to sample many.  Freeze the cookies in an air tight container until you’re ready for the festivities.  Then let them thaw and serve them

Work at Home Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

1 C Crisco Shortening

1 C Granulated Sugar

½ C Brown Sugar (medium to light)

2 Eggs

1 Tsp Pure Vanilla

½ Tsp Baking Soda

1 Tsp Salt

2 Cups Flour

Instructions: Cream shortening and sugar well. Add eggs and vanilla. Add dry ingredients mixing salt and soda with flour before adding to the mix. Add 8 – 16 oz bag of chocolate chips either milk, semi-sweet or a mixture.

Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls on a cookie sheet. Bake at 375 for 7 to 10 minutes depending on oven. DO NOT OVER BAKE. Cookies will be slightly brown on bottom but if they are brown on the top you have cooked them too long.

Extra tips:  I suggest Crisco Shortening instead of butter for softer cookies. You may need to round the second cup of flour for proper consistency depending on the size of your eggs.

Robyn Hope makes cookies with Work at Home Grandma

Robyn Hope makes cookies with Work at Home Grandma

Watch for some fantastic recipes for baking your Christmas cookies and extra tips to make them the first off the platter.

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