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If any of you have watched the recent political debates on television you may have noted that each candidate works very hard to deliver that ever so important punch line that gets those cheers and accolades from their prospective endorsers.

Have you ever wondered what the term “punchline” really means?   According to Webster it is defined as:

The words at the end of a joke or story that make it funny, surprising, etc. or

The sentence, statement, or phrase (as in a joke) that makes the point

It’s true that many online marketers use the punchline syndrome when selling a product, an online book, or a marketing seminar.

Let’s say for the purpose of our discussion here we define the “punchline” as being the statement, sentence or phrase that makes the point of our article, seminar or book.

How often do you review material presented or listen to a seminar and find yourself asking:  did I miss the “punchline”?

When thinking about a joke, the punchline can be your personal twist on the story.  In the same fashion your personal viewpoint on how to perfect a certain dynamic of marketing can also be your own personal punchline” on the subject.

So what are the best techniques in delivering that all so important “personal punchline”.

  • Brainstorm

This process consists of sitting down and really scrutinizing your material in such a way as to discover the most important impact or part of your presentation.

This is something that will take time and effort.  It may mean bouncing the presentation off someone else or more than one person.

Too many marketers give up before they complete the task.  Can you imagine eating a meal that is only partially cooked?  It certainly wouldn’t give you cause to return for another.

  • Target Your Audience

Ask yourself the most important questions:  Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

You have to know who are presenting to, what they are looking for, when will they need the product, where can they use the product, why do they need the product and how can the product make them money.

  • Write it down

Make a strong list of all the options you could present to your client and the pros and cons for each one. Then decide which options would have the greatest impact and which ones would fall flat.

  • Make it short and concise

When you have come up with a real good “punchline”, keep it short and to the point.  Do a good set-up before you deliver your brilliant answer and the client will grab onto it easily.

  • Have a back-up plan - Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Most of us work really hard and long at coming up with the perfect marketing solution or promotion and are sometimes overtly delighted with our own opinion.  The problem to this method of thinking is that no two people think exactly alike.  Your client may have a completely different point of view.

When considering your options, do no stop at only one solution.  Give your client a choice of the best possible solutions you can configure.

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In Conclusion

In effective marketing it is vital to know as much about your client and their needs as it is to know about their prospective buyer.

Using our political forum as an example, we know that unless each candidate is well versed on every aspect of his opponent’s political credentials, voting record and policy decisions, he would be at a loss to find the right tools to defeat him.

By the same token, you need to aware of the competition, the features and benefits of their products verses yours and the latest forum being presented in the arena of your marketplace.

This is why it is so important to check out reviews of various different products and how they compare to one another.  Don’t just select the first email service you read about; don’t just randomly pick out an affiliate company to promote on your website; don’t select a Social Media outlet because someone else has succeeded with it.

Find out for yourself the best one that applies to your business.

Get on a good mailing list and take advantage of all the expertise you can find out there.  Take the ideas you are presented and weigh them against others.

Do your homework and you will come out with an A+ score that’s right on target.  Ignore the homework and you will miss the mark.

Tune in next week for more tips and tricks from your Work at Home Grandma.

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  1. Hello there Grandma Sandra. Nice video using the absolutely idiotic political scene. Isn’t it amazing that a punchline done correctly can catch peoples’ attention. This is even though it is a common fact that many points and promises within the presentation are never met fully or are even totally ignored.

    So I have put your site address in my very useful links folder so I can revisit and read more of your information.

    Look forward to getting to know you.

    Cheers, Helen

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