Here Comes the Blood Moon — Again

I know many of you have heard about the blood moon and its predicting the end of the world as we know it.  Prophecy is fascinating, ambiguous and downright frustrating at times.  People can’t predict when the world will end.  Only God knows that secret.

God does, however, send us warnings and signs.  I did a recent blog post about some of those signs.  Recently I’ve been in static shock every day when I turn on the news.  Today the second police officer was killed within a one week time period.  Yesterday people protested at the Minnesota State Fair holding up banners that black lives matter and equating the police to pigs in a blanket that needed to be fried.  So what is it really about?

It’s all about control and our society being out of control.  It’s about the government taking away guns from the good people and the bad people still able to find a way to get them.  It’s about Marshall Law and a country run amuck because of sin.  We appear to be living in the days of Noah all over again, just on a different scale.  Of course we all know the story of Noah and what happened to the world.

Now I’m not a theologian, nor a prophesy expert but anyone with half a brain can conclude that America right now is in a big fat mess.  Yesterday the good news was that Ben Carson is now neck and neck with Donald Trump in the Iowa polls.  The bad news is that very few people care.  We are living in an apathetic society and we’d better start looking up.

Look of the Blood Moon

Look of the Blood Moon

Since the title of this blog mentions the blood moon, I wanted to explain a little about the prophecy for those of you who are literally in the dark on it.   The Scriptures referenced are found in the old testament in Joel 2:30-31 and in the new testament, Revelation 6:12.  The term blood moon refers to the copper color the moon reflects during a lunar eclipse.  Prophecy teaches that four lunar eclipses separated approximately by a six month span signal the coming apocalypse.  The first eclipse took place April 15, 2014; the second October 8, 2014, the third April 4, 2015; the fourth is predicted for September 27, 2015.   It’s interesting that these blood moons coincide with Jewish holidays; a fact which has been debunked by society as Jewish holidays are based on the lunar calendar.

Another theory is that there have been approximately 62 of these occurrences since the first century. The next tetrad isn’t due until 2032.  The question is: will we last that long?  I don’t know the answer and neither does any Bible scholar.  The blood moons do seem to stir up trouble and definitely have a meaning.  I suggest we all do our own homework on the subject.  Don’t read an article and believe it to be true.  Consider the source and know that the writer is accountable to God. There are many Bible translations; far too many to list here.  Some of the verses appear to take on a different meaning with each version.

One verse, however, sticks out to me as consistent among all translations.   It’s found in II Timothy 2:15 in which God commands those who teach the word to teach it correctly.  One of my favorite interpretations is the New Living Translation which says:  “Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.

Reach out to Jesus

Reach out to Jesus

This means those who teach God’s word are accountable for doing it as accurately as they know it.  I’m not saying those that teach prophecy are irresponsible.  I’m not saying they are incorrect.  What I am saying is only God knows the hour of his return.  As I have stated before, I do believe all the erratic weather is a message from God.  Mother Nature has a way of waking up a sleeping world.

When will we see the end? Christ gives us the answer in Matthew 24:36 (KJV) “but of that day or the hour, no one knows; not even the angels in Heaven.”

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