How to Make the Very Best Holiday Cookies

Recently I placed a few cookie recipes on my blog and received overwhelming support and accolades. Very nice.

When thinking about my next post I decided it was time to share some great recipes with everyone who is even thinking about baking those wonderful cookies this Christmas season.

I put together a short booklet highlighting some of the special recipes I use at Christmas. I bake and then bake again to provide gifts to all those wonderful people who are such an important part of my life including my dog groomer, my nail technician, my stylist, my neighbors and the list could go on and on.

And so if you wish a copy of the one and only Grandma’s Cookie Recipes just click on the link below and it’ll be expressed emailed to you.

My only requirement is that you share the goodies with your family and friends as well as email me your results. I always like hearing from you.

Free Cookbook

Grandma's Cookbook

Grandma’s Cookbook

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