Integrate Facebook and Instagram

Integrate your Facebook with Instagram

Facebook or Instagram?

I don’t know how many of you use Facebook regularly but it is an outstanding medium for attracting visitors to your website.  If you have a business page, I would suggest you look into Facebook advertising as a tool you can use to propel visitors to your blog posts or any other type of website you use in your business.  The icon below will direct you to my most recent blog post on how to use Facebook.

Facebook Tip Sheet

A few weeks ago I posted a blog using the below picture and to my surprise I began betting like after like on Instagram for the post.  I didn’t post it to Instagram it was coordinated by Facebook. To my surprise I didn’t know what was the reason for the likability of the picture.  Then I realized it was the verbiage itself that said so much.

Trust in Yourself



Wow, how many of us need to realize that and apply it in our daily lives as well as our business.

Most of you probably spend your time cultivating ways to enhance your website or entice prospective clients to buy from you.  Some of you get discouraged when advertising fails to succeed or the competition is just too great.  The most important thing in increasing your business is to be yourself and let others know who you really are.  People want to connect in a personal way.  When they feel they trust you, they are much more likely to do business with you.

Recently, I received numerous phone calls from customers needing additional information quickly; some of them were calling at the last minute.  I always make it a priority to bend over backwards to help them out no matter how tight the deadline.  When you go the entire mile for your customers, they will respond in kind.

I post daily in Facebook and Instagram and with the coordination between the two I have an overwhelming response on my website.  I would suggest that you look into Instagram if you are not already on it.  It is a great way to let people know who you are.  I post videos about my books and also personal pictures of my family.  I want people to know the Work at Home Grandma for who she is and what she can do to enhance their business.

Your website is an expression of you and who you are.  Spend some time making it personal and reaching out to those who visit your site.

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Put a smile on your face even if your talking to someone on the phone.  They will feel it!

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