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Is January Toxic to Your Life and Your Business?

Have you ever looked up the word “toxic” in Webster’s Dictionary? Let me help you out.  It means precisely this: containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing serious injury or death.   Wow, now that’s something to think about.

The January Slump Has Arrived!

How many of us fall into the January slump and we just can’t get going even if someone gives us a swift kick in the behind.  Why is that?  If a new year brings you nothing but depression and lack of motivation your business is in serious trouble and it may even die!

January sort of falls into sequence for me something like this:  1) Exhaustion from the holidays.   2) Broke from the holidays.  3) Afraid to get on the scale from the holidays.  4) Brain dead from the holidays.   In other words, the holiday season is a spectacular family time, a joy to spend time with friends, exhilarating to give appreciated gifts to others yet causes numbness from the neck up when it’s all over.

Too many of us throw ourselves into the holiday spirit so forcefully we end bruising ourselves all over the place.  We hurt everywhere and we just can’t even drag ourselves out of bed for a least a week after the festivities are over.

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The next thing we do is make tons of resolutions we know we’ll never be able to keep.  But I must ask the question:   Why do you think we put our ourselves through all this.  Do we feel the need to punish ourselves or has society formed our patterns and lifestyle so much that we cannot break loose from the havoc around us?   

This year when the first week of January arrived I found myself following the same old pattern and then suddenly I decided if I wanted to a make a change, no one would do it for me.  It’s like wanting to have the perfect body or the perfect home; each of them take time and dedication.  Health and fitness doesn’t come easily; raising a perfect family is a misnomer.  It doesn’t exist.

We must realize then that we are all flawed as human beings but it doesn’t mean we should allow those flaws to pull us down into despair or wreak havoc upon our lives.  You see as humans we all suffer times of disappointment, lack of motivation and depression.  Its whether we choose to let those things transform our lives into a living hell or whether we decide to package them up and toss them in the dumpster.  It’s like walking through a huge library where each book contains a chapter in your life.  Each chapter brings a new adventure; the disappointing chapters soon become withered and dusty from sitting on the shelf and eventually crumble.  Now you can wipe off that dust and hang on to the crumbling chapters or you can sweep up the dust and toss it into the wind.

As I writer, I choose to toss all those bad chapters away but keep the lessons learned tucked securely in my mind.  Those lessons become the threshold on which we can build a new beginning, write a great new book, or see our business grow rapidly in the coming year.

I have two books I will be starting this year and I am determined more than ever to make them and my customers a priority.

I hope you’ll join me by getting my FREE E-Book to guide you in your online successs and let’s get started together.  Let’s make 2017 the very best year ever.  


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