Is Wheat Responsible for more than just Celiac Disease?

As most of my followers know I’ve been on the dieting roller coaster for years and I often pass along tips to my readers in the hope that they might too find the answer for them.  Having suffered with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) since childhood I am constantly searching for answers.

To give you some history, years ago I began to delve into the world of supplements and nutrition and discovered that fiber was the key to my problems.  After beginning a daily regimen that normalized my entire system, life was suddenly very enjoyable.  I could go out to dinner without locating the restroom at the beginning of every meal.

For close to twenty years I survived quite splendidly except for the fact that my weight just didn’t seem to be going in the direction I wanted.   I began to fast walk and took off over 50 pounds and my doctor was happy.

So why am I boring you with all thus humdrum about my intestinal tract? The background was necessary for you to understand why I began my next journey of discovery.

Man should not live by bread alone

Man should not live by bread alone

My World Quickly Changed

Things were moving along quite nicely in my world until I fell injuring my knee and back.  Two surgeries later, my walking days were over and my 50 pounds plus some returned with a vengeance.  That was bad enough and I knew I had to find some way to lose the weight.  Again I began to research.  I was surprised when I discovered all the myths about weight loss floating around in the nutrition world and I didn’t know where to turn.  It then I was fortunate enough to be referred to a physician who literally changed my world.  He was a doctor who advocated nutrition as means to an end and didn’t push using drugs to accomplish one’s goal.  I was elated.   He gave me the answer I needed and now I want to pass it along to you.

The Obesity Epidemic in America

Back in our grandparent’s day people didn’t indulge in expensive restaurants or ready-made foods.  Many people grew their own gardens or shopped at the local farmer’s market.  Waistlines too were different then with women easily weighing about 115 pounds and men 175 pounds on average.  Nowadays the majority of the American population, both male and female, is well over 200 pounds.  This includes teenagers and children.  Some would say it is because of our sedentary lifestyle and it is true that does add to the problem.  We can all agree that there is an obesity epidemic in this country today and for that reason alone, our lives will be cut short. 

So what has changed over the last few years?  The answer may surprise you.  After all, we have become a more health conscious America and exercise more than ever.   We can often see bikers, jogging, and power walking on a regular basis.  Yet in spite of all the emphasis put on exercise, we just keep getting fatter and fatter. Why?

Fresh fruit is great fiber

Fresh fruit is great fiber

The Food Pyramid is Destroying Us

The National Heart Association guidelines incorporate “healthy whole grains” into our diet.  Many diet plans today recommend a balanced diet of the five basic food groups: vegetables, diary, fruit, grains, protein.  The food pyramid actually advocates up to eleven servings of grains per day with four to five being whole grains.   Unfortunately, people today don’t just eat three healthy meals as they did in the 50’s.  We now include calorie laden coffee drinks, bagels, pancakes and pizza on a regular basis.

So we know that the amount of grains we eat is probably more than advocated for good nutrition but even if cut back to the correct proportions, would it help?

Unfortunately wheat today it is not the wheat of our forefathers.   It has been genetically altered in such a way that the effect on the human body is astoundingly different than it was 50 year ago?

The wild grasses harvested years ago have now migrated to 25,000 varieties; all of them the result of human intervention. These processed grains are no longer healthy for us.   The more grain-based foods you eat, the more insulin must be produced to manage the fast digesting carbohydrates.  The more insulin stimulation the more fat storage, the greater the weight gain.

The Celiac Epidemic

The first time I read about Celiac Disease was in a Soap Opera Digest Magazine when Sarah Brown, one of my favorite actresses, was telling about the discovery of her health ailment and what the disease had done to her body.  It nearly killed her.  The gluten sensitivity in those suffering from Celiac Disease ranges from mild to severe and can only really be determined with medical testing which unfortunately can be inconclusive.

As more and more people are discovering their sensitivity to gluten or in essence wheat, products touting a “gluten free” label have flourished.  One has to be careful of gluten free products as they can sometimes be loaded with sugars and other chemicals to enhance the taste.  The best answer for the Celiac disease is to eat a gluten free diet and that means eliminating flour.   There are credible manufacturers who produce “gluten free” breads and flour and you should do your research to find out which ones are producing worthy products.  There is a distributor in Buffalo, Minnesota, who makes excellent products.  If you do some searching via Google, you will probably be able to find one in your neighborhood.

How Much Wheat Do We Really Eat?

If you think about what we eat, you will probably agree that wheat is a huge part of the American diet.     We have toast with breakfast, a bagel with our coffee, crackers with our dips, rolls with salad, and then pie for desert.  After all, what would apple pie be without crust, dip without crackers or a ham sandwich without the bread?   It is a tough problem to eat completely wheat free, but what are the advantages?

What Really Happens to Our Body When Wheat if a Major Part of our Diet?

It was not too long ago that a new test was developed for measuring blood sugar.  It was called an AIC test.   The great advantage of the test was that you could determine the predisposition or pre-diabetic state without having to do a fasting blood sugar test.  The bad part of the testing whether it be the AIC or Fasting Glucose Level, the standards keep changing from year to year.  This is partly because the drug companies saw the advantage in changing standards to encourage doctors to prescribe more drugs. It is also because we are continuing to eat things they are raising our blood sugar and causing us to gain weight.  They keep lowering standards in hopes of solving the obesity problem but it is not the answer.

If people are eating more whole grains and they are really healthy then you would think the diabetes epidemic would subside.  Yet it is just the opposite.   Wheat bread in actuality has a glycemic index of 72 while sucrose or table sugar has an index of 59.  You can actually eat a candy bar and have your blood sugar spike lower than it would if you ate a whole wheat sandwich.

Type II diabetics are told to eat whole grains four times a day.  Considering the glycemic index of wheat that makes no sense.

Get the Book, Read the Book and Follow the Book

As I told you earlier my doctor suggested a book for me and I’d like to pass it along to you.  My own doctor dropped 50 pounds by following the book, “Wheat Belly”, by William David MD.  I decided it was worth a try but didn’t stop there.  I began to scour the internet and did my homework.  I came up with several websites that confirmed the wheat theory.  I’ve passed one of them along to you below as well as a link to the book by William David.

Find out the answers today for a healthier tomorrow

I was stunned when I discovered I had been eating incorrectly for years.  All the things that I thought were healthy were actually the reason for my weight gain and were contributing to my IBS problems.

In addition, let me tell you an even greater secret.  Celiac disease, IBS, Diabetes and Obesity have a common connection and it’s called “wheat”.

Get the book today.  Click onto the website and change your life.  You’ll be happier you did.

A website:   Fat Burning Kitchen 

Book series:   Wheat Belly

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