Choose right or wrong

How to Say Happy New Year

We all use the phrase Happy New Year when greeting someone at the beginning of each new calendar year. But what do we really mean and what exactly does the phrase Happy New Year itself really mean? Let’s break it down literally. Happy per the dictionary has two distinct meanings: Feeling or showing pleasure or […]

Freelance Writing Begins Today

Make Money Writing From Home

Do you want to be a writer but just don’t think there’s any money to be made.  Granted, it isn’t easy to establish yourself in the writing world, but it can be done and YOU can be successful! Years ago I worked the nine to five grind and I hated it.  I’m guessing if you’re […]

Great website content

Need Help Creating Great Content

As I’ve been working day to day with my customers I find them telling me over and over how great it would be for them to have resources at their fingertips.  Many of you still struggle with finding good resources and especially creating great content for your website. I understand your frustration.  This is the […]

Work at Home Grandma

Available Online Opportunities

Are you ready to make money online? In today’s online business world opportunities abound.  You can design your website to do affiliate marketing, blogging, selling your business services or advertising your niche product. Find out all the exciting avenues of income by grabbing your FREE E-Book today.   Click here to Download your free E-book for […]

Wedding Happiness

Rubies Family Saga – The Honeymoon is Over

Get Your FREE Copy of this Popular Family Saga Posted by Sandra J Eastman – Copyhound on Saturday, October 8, 2016 Marriage is a wonderful event that changes lives forever but what happens when the honeymoon is short-lived and happiness ends much too quickly.  In any marriage there is an adjustment period of getting to know […]

Bull Dog Story

How to Begin Story

Have you ever sat down at a blank computer screen and not only was the screen blank but so was your mind?  We’ve all been there and asked ourselves the question: how shall I begin my story? When thinking about this common scenario, I can recall one of my first writing instructors and a very […]