Only One Vote Away from the Iron Curtain

Right now, the mainstream media is the most destructive part of our society. They continue to spin the news as they see fit, hiding important facts from the American people to enable a left-wing agenda. I have watched the news go from “here is what happened today, and you decide the truth” to “let us interpret our truth for you to read or hear” OR “As we are smarter than you and certainly are fair and balanced, we will give OUR view of both sides of the story.”


This past week I listened to Google, Facebook and Twitter executives make nonsensical excuses as to why they had removed a post from circulation based on it being “unproven” but in actuality it did not fit their political agenda.

Do you realize what is happening in America?

Most of you reading this (if it’s ever allowed in print) will not recall the name “iron curtain” or “radio FREE” but they are terms all too familiar to those old enough to remember World War II and those living in communist controlled countries.   Behind the “iron curtain” the  truth about freedom was and is still kept from these people for years.  We thought the advent of the internet and cell phones would change this, however, many are still kept in the dark silence in China, Russia and many other places.

They only receive their news from a government run entity which filters the truth to adapt the news to reveal only the communist point of view. People in those countries have no idea of the freedom of choice allotted those in Democratic societies.

Now our national mainstream media, including newspapers, television, radio and internet have made a choice to slant our news to make us believe that the far left agenda is the only right and honorable choice for our way of life.

I do not know how the election will turn out, but I do know the end results will cause a torrent of emotions, both angry and ecstatic. Not only that, but it will also probably cause riots in the streets, a far cry from the peaceful protests described by mainstream pundits.


We could only be one vote away from losing our rights as given to us by the founding fathers. As parents we need to question our youth on exactly what they are being taught in school. When children graduate from high school, what kind of college are they attending? It should be one that teaches both sides of the equation and not just a liberal agenda. It has gotten so bad that right wing speakers are no longer allowed to speak at a liberal college because the left wants to keep our youth behind the “iron curtain” and not informed.

As parents and grandparents, it is our civic duty to know what is really happening in our education and political system. What hidden agendas are really being applied in America and how long will it be before our own ignorance has inspired the left to completely indoctrinate our youth? If that happens, we will not have our freedoms in America. We will find ourselves hidden from the truth behind an “iron curtain”.

Your one vote may be the only thing standing between our freedom and tyranny.

I believe most Americans want the free country we have today, but we could lose it very quickly if we embrace a socialist agenda.

What will be your decision and will your vote count? Absolutely.

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