Ten Tips For Your Internet Business

Ten Tips For Your Internet Business

In today’s world we all know that marketing on the internet is the fastest way to build your business.  Just follow these tips and you will see your business grow.

Ten Basic Tips on Building Your Internet Business

  • Use Social Media on a regular basis. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram – All innovative ways to make your presence known.  Use Hootsuite.com to pass along your messages in one click.   Don’t just use your personal Facebook page.  Design your own Custom Business Page.  It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.  With the help of websites such as www.canva.com you can design beautiful Facebook posts and your business Facebook Lead Page.
  • Begin today to build an email list. This is the most important thing you will ever do for your business.  Sign up for an auto responder service such as Aweber.com.

They are one of the most affordable services available for list maintenance and design.  You can start the service for the low cost of $1 – an exceptional buy.  The staff at Aweber is there to assist you in training and hands on implementation of your sign up forms, mailing list and broadcasts.

  • Brand yourself by telling your story. Whatever item you are marketing whether it is your services or a product, you need to establish your own brand.  People are always interested in a good story.  Don’t miss the opportunity to include one on your website and in your marketing letters.
  • When blogging be sure to include a capture page mechanism for those most important emails that will put you on the path to a profitable business. There are many ways to design your lead capture pages and many services available to help you get started. Click Funnels and Lead Pages are just two of many such services.  Don’t forget the most important item is determining a good lead magnet.  This can be a free book preview, a bonus instruction guide or a simple tip sheet.  In any case. Let your prospect know you are interested in them and can help them in their business endeavors.
  • Take all the FREE courses available online and glean what you can from each of them. Even if the FREE offering is followed by a special purchase offer, you don’t need to make a decision on buying anything you don’t want and just think of all the useful information you will have gained.
  • Keep learning daily. New ways and new ideas are available in many venues.  Find yourself a guru that you trust and whose ideas are like minded to your own.  Then follow their advice and watch your business grow.
  • When you have a new prospect, treat them like gold. There is an old Girl Scout song that says, “make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold”. Have at least five email responders ready to go over a two week time period. Once a prospect has purchased your service or product they can be transferred to a new mailing list with special information just for your clients.
  • Your emails need to follow a specific pattern to garner the most effective return. Your welcome email is immediate after your prospect accepts your offer or signs up for your mailing list. Watch your headline on future emails to be sure it is benefit driven, i.e. “You won’t be able to keep these tips to yourself”.
  • End your email by pointing your prospect back to your product. Always end your email with a p.s. that provides a link back to your product or reinforces the connection to your Social Media page.  Make your p.s. a reason for them to open your next email.
  • If you need help writing that perfect email, enlist the aid of a good copywriter. You don’t want to lose your customer before you get them.
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