We Are Almost to the Finish Line

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 KJV

Where you will be when it’s time to cross the line?

When I was very young I can vividly recall going to church with my family and listening to sermon after sermon on end time’s prophecy and how important it was for us to “be watchful” and “be ready”.

This gives us pause to examine the signs of our times and really think about all the things that are happening around us.

We know Christ prophesied that when the Jewish people once again reclaimed their nation that the generation would not pass away before his coming. (Matthew 24:34 KJV)

That event took place in 1948 and we know a generation is approximate 70 to 100 years.  Think about it.  Jesus is coming very soon.

Get Ready!  We’re almost to the finish line.  

If you look at a map of the Middle East you will see how tiny the Country of Israel actually is compared to the size of her enemies.

In the book of Ezekiel it is predicted the nations of the Middle East along with a large country in the north will gather to destroy Israel, but God will send his wrath from Heaven to devour them.

God promises in Ezekiel 39:6  “And I will send fire upon Magog and those who inhabit the coastlands in safety; and they will know that I am the LORD.

Right now we have a President who has honored Israel and even proclaimed Jerusalem its true capital and moved the United States Embassy to that location.

Donald Trump has done everything he could to bring peace to the Middle East.   God is using Trump to put things in place in the Middle East . We wonder if that peace will last for long if Trump is not

reelected for a second term.   The Democratic party of old would cringe at what has become the new Socialist Democratic Party.

Does God really want that for America?  

All things point to utter chaos for America no matter who wins the election.  Biden is so weak and frail, he will probably be only a figurehead if elected.  The country will then be run

by the most progressive senator ever to hold the office – Kamala Harris.   In fact, yesterday Nancy Pelosi actually put forth a discussion to allow Congress to initiate the 25th Amendment rather

than the Vice President and Cabinet.  The 25th amendment to the US Constitution provides the procedure for the vice-president to take over the duties of president if he or she dies or resigns or it is

determined that  he or she cannot fulfill the functions of the office.

Of course, Nancy claimed it was not only about Trump being ill, but for future consideration.  Are they preparing already to remove Joe Biden from office before the election has even been settled?

What do they know that we don’t.  It’s a scary thought.

Are You Ready For What is Ahead

How do Christians survive during the end times?

They have already tried to restrict church services but said very little about peaceful protests that turned into burning and looting.

Years ago preachers would speak of the anti-Christ and his mission to conquer the world and cause all people to worship him.  They spoke of Satan’s number being engraved on the hand or forehead and

those without the number were unable to buy and sell goods.  We scoffed at the prophecy thinking that no one would be so blind as to allow themselves to be stamped with such a thing.

Yet when computerized bar codes began showing up on grocery items and a scanner recognized the price by the code, it was the beginning of the dummying down of America.

Out pets are given a small computerized chip which is placed securely under their skin and contains a number which is used for their identification should they become lost.  Years ago when

FDR began Social Security, little did we know that it would someday number everyone even newborns.  Children need a Social Security number in order to get health insurance as we all do.  Babies are

given a special leg band with a coded number which prevents them from being removed from the hospital without an alarm being issued. How soon do you think you will be hearing of a new program to

input a computer chip in newborns to protect them and locate them if they are lost?  We must not allow it! 


What about the rest of us?

Now we have Amazon Alexis to program our every need, but what else is being tracked?   Are they watching us in our homes?  Yes, they know everything about us.

Chips in Smart Phones track where we go and what we buy.  They even know the ads we stop to read online.   Money is rarely used anymore.  We use our cash or credit

card for purchases either online or in person.


Now that Covid has appeared, they know what we eat because our groceries are purchased online or we have Door Dash delivery.

Because of Covid, we no longer go into a public place without a mask.  I’ve seen bikers wearing them — outside even?

Now they are even discussing  making  vaccinations mandatory in order to out in public.  Do we not see where this is going?   

We are living in a world controlled not just by computers but by  our government. 

The Founders must be turning in their graves!

Do you ever wonder why the Apple logo has a bite out of it?  It was Eve who took that first bite of the forbidden apple.  Perhaps the internet is like unto the forbidden fruit.

It’s all about control folks. It’s  happening right in front of us and we are allowing it.    Are we going to let someone else determine what we do and where we go?  

What Does the Bible Tell Us?

Many people do not believe the Bible is for our generation.  When the prophets spoke of giants locusts attacking and killing, they were speaking figuratively as their visions revealed these happenings.  A

helicopter with the power to kill and destroy might very well appear to the prophet of the Bible as a huge locust.  The Bible goes on to tell us that in the end times there will be increasing wars, famines,

plagues and storms, some happening one upon another.   When Covid is gone, there will be a new health threat; something to give them control.

The closer we come to the Lord’s return the more we will see His power.

And yet —– we call it “climate change”.  Yes the earth is changing just as God says in the Bible.

God in his glory will bring a great awakening that all who will listen will become one of his own. 

 In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people.  Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. 

Jesus has promised to return for His own and the time is drawing near.  We must do all we can to bring others to the salvation of Christ; that they might not be deceived by the great deceiver of men.

Will you be ready for the Great Awakening?

Will we become a socialist America or one that still believes the words “In God We Trust”.

In God We Trust

God Forgives Our Transgressions but Can We Find a Way to Forgive One Another?

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