We Can’t Trust Obama on Immigration

These are not my words but those of the new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.  This past week Congress elected a new Speaker who is third in line for POTUS, but who is he and what does he really have as his agenda for the House of Representatives?

We have heard pros and cons but today I listened to his first interview on Fox News.  It was interesting how they tried to pin him down into saying he wouldn’t follow the previous policies and he would make a statement to put Obama on notice that there would be no more “budget deals” that compromised the state of our union.  The new Speaker would not be intimidated into saying anything but that a change needed to be made in the current House legislative process.

He was adamant that taking the job of Speaker would not deter his commitment to his family and he would still spend every weekend at home. Ryan was very clear in his motives for taking the position; one of which he didn’t pursue or want.  He agreed to accept the position to unify the party; to bring some stability to the House chamber; and to no longer negotiate “secret deals” behind closed doors.  He maintained his goal is to run the House of Representatives with bills formed at the committee level as is appropriate; and that no one faction would be instrumental in determining which legislation would be put on the floor and which would be passed.  He stated that he was a leader and not a dictator.  Refreshing!

When Obama was elected as President I tried my best to give him a fair shot because I was always taught to respect the office.  I still respect the office but have watched our nation slowly change into something our founders would abhor.  So let’s examine for a moment Ryan’s statement about Barack Obama and his policies.  It was obvious Ryan felt the President had failed to bring about any change that was good for America.  If we list a few examples, we can understand his innuendo.

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

Obama’s policies have ensured that over 50% of the population is now on some sort of government assistantance.  Obamacare has put a burden on Medicare and seniors. The verdict:  Guilty

Obama has shown weakness and indecision on almost every critical issue affecting our country.  The verdict: Guilty

Obama has done nothing to decrease racial tension in America and his divisive behavior has cultivated deterioration while rarely defending our law enforcement.  The verdict:  Guilty

Obama has put America at risk abroad and at home by enabling disrespect of our country by other nations and terrorist groups whom might bring harm upon us.  The verdict:  Guilty

Obama has taken it upon himself to legislate with his pen when in disagreement with Congress.  His most egregious act was his own immigration reform.  The verdict:  Guilty

Obama has used his office to mislead the America people about international terrorism when it was to his advantage.  The verdict: Guilty

The list could go on and on, but you get the picture.   It is with great sadness that I face the truth about our country and its leaders.  We have gone astray; we have chosen the path of destructive behavior over the Constitution of the United States.  We now believe Socialism is a choice in our next election.  This could be the first step in the destruction of our liberties.  I am stunned that we would even consider this.  We are the United States of America but we are slowly becoming the “Divided States of America”.   

As far as Paul Ryan and whether he is wolf in sheep’s clothing or a savior destined to one day be President, all we know for sure is that he won’t cry during his speeches and his office won’t smell of cigars.  As for the rest of it:  The jury is still out.

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