What Does the Word “Antique” Really Mean?

Book 4 photo bk4_shortIsn’t it actually an oxymoron when we say we just purchased a new antique chair? But then again we have to think about the stories from the past that the chair could probably tell should it be able to speak. Have you looked around the room of a 200 year old house and stared at the wall’s, knowing those walls held the secrets of the ages; secrets in such abundance they would overwhelm the human mind.

I have never had the pleasure of visiting Europe or Asia or seeing age-old architecture and tombs or castles of kings. Still I cannot but be in awe of the hundreds of memories these structures enfold and the chorus of voices that echo throughout their walls.

I have a dream –yes those words are well-known but they didn’t just pertain to one man and one time; they pertain to all of us. We all have a dream . . . We all have a future.

In the fourth and final segment of the Rubies – Escaping the Curse Family Saga, we come to a true understanding of how the past and the decisions we make can affect future generations for years to come.  If only we could go back and “fix things” or “change the past” how much of a impact would it make on our lives today.

As you explore the Rubies series you will be amazed at the mistakes that the characters in the book just seem to keep repeating over and over.  And — so it is with each of us.

The most important lesson learned by the four women in the Rubies Saga is the momentous occasion of discovering the true meaning of unconditional love and how it equates to each one of us as we pass through life. To find that unconditional love is a gift from God that so many desire and so few attain. If I could pass along one thing from writing this series it would be the gift of how to find that unconditional love and to discover its meaning in your life.

Rubies is based on the real life story of Kaja Johnson

Rubies is based on the real life story of Kaja Johnson



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