What Really is Domestic Violence?

Rubies - Escaping the Curse  The Beginning

Rubies – Escaping the Curse The Beginning

In our society today we are plagued with this question over and over.  Almost daily we hear of women, children and even men at times being abused by a spouse, partner or family member.   But we must then ask ourselves the question:  what really constitutes domestic abuse?

Some will explain it as physical violence against a spouse, child, partner or family member, but is it really so much more?  What about abuse of the mind?  Can a person be threatened, harassed, coerced and emotionally beaten down and be considered abused?  The answer to that is a definite yes.  Abuse does not have to be physical to be classified as abuse.

In Rubies – Escaping the Curse we see examples of abuse both physical and emotional.  We watch as sins of commission and omission happen again and again.  The characters seem to be riding on a roller coaster that never ends but keeps circling and climbing back to its highest peak and then plunging again into utter despair – like free fall without a landing.

When examining some interview questions that could be raised about the book I was suddenly aware of the poignant reality woven into the series: the past just keeps repeating itself until we find a way to get off the roller coaster.

I’ve provided some of the answers to the interview questions and would welcome your thoughts and comments.

Domestic Strife

Domestic Strife


Interview Questions for Sandra J Eastman

  1.     Why made you decide to write Rubies – Escaping the Curse

     See my bio and synopsis page in my media kit.

  1.  Was there any one person who was your inspiration for Kaja      Ericsen, your main character?

Of course this one is easy – my maternal grandmother, Kaja. She had a story that needed to be told.  She jumped on the roller coaster very early in life and unfortunately never got off. 

  1. In the book synopsis points you indicate the book says something about domestic abuse. How relevant is this angle portrayed in the series?

All four books of the Rubies saga are inter-woven with the effects of domestic abuse, both physical and emotional.  You have to ask yourself the question:  Can a man rape his own wife?  Can a sibling abuse another sibling without anyone noticing? Can a person keep making the same mistakes over and over without learning any lesson from them?  These answers and more are part of this provocative series. 

  1. What’s the most important thing readers will learn from Rubies – Escaping the Curse?

There is one very vital truth that is exposed at the end of the final book. You don’t have to accept the circumstances of your life.  You can change things.  You can make a difference.  It is a choice not a given that you must accept the hand you’re dealt.  You can throw down your cards and walk away at any time.

  1. People reading this book often struggle with the consequences their actions bring to their life. What’s your best advice on how they can deal with that?

All of us make choices in life.  Some of our decisions are good and others are bad.  We all must start by accepting the responsibility for both those choices.  Stepping up and being accountable is stopping the roller coaster and getting off.  It is the vital first step but it is not the final answer. We all know that even if we walk away from a skunk the smell could linger for days on end.  Just as we can change our circumstances, we must live with the consequences of our previous actions.  Those consequences never go away but we can find a way to live with them.

Children become the greatest victims of domestic abuse

Children become the greatest victims of domestic abuse


  1. What do you feel is your most important method of creating story.

I believe that all fiction comes from real life incidents.  It is then flavored and embellished to make a great story.  Fact is often stranger than fiction and that’s what makes each story so important. 

  1. Where can the book be purchased? See the attached link for Amazon.com – Rubies Saga

I believe everything begins with story and we all have a story to tell.  You can find out more about Rubies here: 


Rubies is based on the real life story of Kaja Johnson

Rubies is based on the real life story of Kaja Johnson

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