Work at Home Grandma Debunks Weight Loss Myths

I’m guessing most of you over age 50 have experienced the same problems as the rest of us.  We gain weight just by looking at a piece of pie and even three healthy meals a day doesn’t help matters. We lose ten pounds and gain back fifteen.  It’s a battle just staying healthy.

So what is the answer and why must we struggle all the time with this issue?  There are so many diets out there it’s enough to make your head swim.  Who knows was is right or wrong anymore on the weight front?

We all know there’s an obesity epidemic in this country and yet no one seems to care.  I used to be a fast walker and that kept everything in check.  Then I fell and injured my knee and oops — my metabolism came to a screeching halt.  No matter what I did, nothing happened.

As you all know, I have three beautiful granddaughters and I knew how important it was to stay healthy for them. So I decided to do my own homework and find out what could work for me.  I began to  check out various health tips and websites and finally discovered there were so many things I was doing wrong and so many rules about weight loss that were nothing but pure myth.  Wow, that set me back a pace or two but I kept forging ahead.  Now I’ve lost 45 pounds and I’m still going down.

I wanted to share this with you because I know how you feel. I know the frustration of doing everything you can to lose weight and nothing works.  I’ve attached a link to a website that might be helpful  to you because it clearly debunks all those things you thought were truth and reveals them to be the very things that keeping the weight from going down.

It won’t cost you anything to take a look and it might be the answer you are looking for. Just click the below link and enjoy!

Weight Loss Myths

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