Get Help with Good Emails

Write Effective Emails that Wow Your Audience

Have you ever sat down to write your daily blog or monthly newsletter and faced that blank screen with fear and trepidation?  Yes, that’s coming on a bit strong I know; but writing emails with confidence that will wow your audience is often a daunting task. Here are a few tips to help you along […]

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Rubies-Escaping the Curse-The Death of William

They Shall Mount up with Wings like Eagles   In Rubies-Escaping the Curse we have witnessed sadness and disappointment, along with joy and great expectations.  Today we see the greatest tragedy that will befall Marty during her life.  All of us have been faced with the death of a friend or loved one at some […]

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How to Build Your Business on Facebook

About your Facebook Business Page There are numerous ways to build your Facebook business to increase your presence in the online world, but there are three steps to success that you can follow to make it an easy process.  Many people have a personal page in Facebook as well as a business page.  If you […]

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How to increase website traffic with YouTube

What is your target audience Knowing your target audience is one of the first things you need to think about when making your video or designing your website.  YouTube videos are free to make and free to post.  You can use  them prior to your blog, as a tutorial guide or for a  complete advertising […]