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Do you know the easiest way to create your own website?  Most people would not know the answer to this question especially if they are technically challenged.  Yes, I’m trying to politically correct in my terminology.  If I were referring to myself I would say a “computer dummy”.

A “computer dummy” would have been completely accurate for me just one year ago.  I had a web designer who did everything for me; all that technical stuff.  I never had to be concerned with it.   Then I lost his services and wow I was in trouble.

My website had become outdated and I no longer could monetize it appropriately.  I had a small Word Press site so I began the biggest challenge of my life.  When you’re retired and wanting to start something new, the learning curve is quite intense.

I didn’t even know what a widget or plugin was.  The terms were completely foreign to me. I didn’t know about HTML codes or links or hyperlinks.  I was in bad shape.  So I began to study and work and work and work.  Hours and weeks went by before I discovered I was in the wrong system entirely for doing what I needed to accomplish for a profitable website.

At this point I threw up my hands in frustration and began combing the web for help.   As I had found myself caught in several scams over the years I was totally out of my element.   Finally after six months of struggling, I discovered a great source of help and then everything changed.

I’m still learning and still perfecting my business but now I’ve found a way to help myself.  I’ve attached a link I found online on how to easily build a website – very quickly.  I’ve attached it here.

Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

I hope you’ll find some of the same good luck that followed me and get your website up and running with ease.

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Next week I’ll be posting on actually setting up that Niche Website.  You don’t want to miss it.


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  1. Sandra…Your website is well designed and appealing to visitors. I like the way you have positioned your linked images.
    I have checked the link of Kyle’s tutorial on “Create a website in under 30 seconds” Certainly works well.

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