Body Align Patches Really Work – I’m Living Proof

Body Align bases its energy wellness technology on light, sound, longitudinal scalar waves and vortex physics as the basic principles behind biological processes and equipment.  This concept was developed by Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago. Every day our bodies are challenged with environmental factors such as toxins from the food we eat, the water […]

Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Well here we are again.  It’s that time of the year. Too many family gatherings, business get togethers and shopping.  You just know somewhere you’ll be exposed to something you’d rather not take home with you and worse yet let it make you feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck! Since 2020 we’ve […]

Post Heading

The Truth About Stem Cells

In the 1970’s I was a fast walker, making it a point to walk at lunch at work and after work.  I dedicated myself to a minimum of two miles per day.  I considered myself healthy and happy.  Then one day I fell and tore the meniscus cartilage in my left knee.  I was in […]

God Save America

Is America Experiencing a Lazarus Moment?

We are living through some unique times right now in America.  We just had a national election which was anything but logical or fair.  Statistics and logic will tell us that.  Of course, we all have our own political beliefs and those too we believe are logical. What bothers me so much about what is […]

Only One Vote Away from the Iron Curtain

Right now, the mainstream media is the most destructive part of our society. They continue to spin the news as they see fit, hiding important facts from the American people to enable a left-wing agenda. I have watched the news go from “here is what happened today, and you decide the truth” to “let us […]

Have Faith in Yourself and in God

Where is Your Hope in Troubling Times?

Fall is a special time of the year to enjoy nature and marvel at the beautiful colors of God’s Handiwork. We are living in a world filled with technology much of which can be overwhelming. As these are difficult times, Christians sometimes lose their focus and feel that God has abandoned them. We witness senseless […]

We Are Almost to the Finish Line

When I was very young I can vividly recall going to church with my family and listening to sermon after sermon on end time’s prophecy and how important it was for us to “be watchful” and “be ready”. This gives us pause to examine the signs of our times and really think about all the […]

Pets in Heaven

Goodbye Isn’t Forever

Get Newest Version of Angels with Fur Today How many of you have lost that beloved pet who was actually a member of the family?  They are one thing in life whose loss is so devastating, and yet we cling to the hope of seeing them again one day.  Until that time, we live with […]

God’s Angels Celebrate Today

When a believer in Christ has taken their last breath on earth, they are immediately ushered into paradise where the Angels rejoice at their presence.  Another faithful believer has come home. For many years  I wrote a monthly newsletter for Osterhus Book Store in Robbinsdale, MN.  The manager was my dearest friend.  She never wanted […]