Rubies – Escaping the Curse – Kaja’s Story Continues

I’m so glad you’ve decided to tune in for another chapter of Rubies – Escaping the Curse.

Last week we found Kaja overwhelmed with her life but that wasn’t the worst thing that happened.  Her husband, Hans, died from congestive heart failure and she barely mourned his death.  Things took another downward swing when she discovered Hans had left her penniless.  His will gave everything to his two older children and left nothing for Kaja and her daughter Marty.

In today excerpt you see Kaja again using her wiles to change her life.

North Dakota  1921

After the farm was sold, William left for Fargo and Kaja used the small pittance allotted her to rent a house in Mooreton and hire out as a cleaning lady. Although still consumed by bitterness, Kaja had swallowed her pride and attended Hans’ burial in the spring.

Sophia’s last words at the grave remained embedded in Kaja’s mind. “You never cared about us or even loved Papa. All you ever thought about is that freak little girl and those two children in Norway.”

 Kaja had reached to strike her, but Christian had intervened. “You will not talk to your father’s wife in this manner. He would not have approved.”

Kaja agreed Sophia was right about one thing: she desperately wanted to return to Norway. Her children were no longer children but had grown into two lovely young ladies. Janna wrote often, sending pictures of the two of them. Janna’s curls flowed down to the middle of her back; Mary’s dark hair was braided in a bun, her dark eyes encompassing her face. It was the sadness of those eyes that tortured Kaja day and night. If only she could see her daughter smile again, see her deep brown eyes sparkle with happiness. If only Mary could forgive her mother’s sin.

Kaja pushed the thoughts of the past aside and proceeded to the back yard where Marty was playing. She stopped to gape at Marty sitting in the yard with mounds of dirt surrounding her tiny frame.

Kaja ran to scoop the child into her arms.

Brushing the dirt from Marty’s face and hands, she scolded, “Uffda, child, what are you doing?”

Marty’s expression was blank. “I’m diggin up papa.”

Kaja paled. She thought the trauma of the burial had passed. How could she help this troubled child? How could she help her children in Norway? They had no one.

If it had not been for Christian she wouldn’t have had any way of finding the house in Mooreton. Suddenly deep in thought, Kaja smoothed her hair with her hand. She was only thirty-four and still attractive for her age. With a gleam in her eyes, Kaja kissed Marty on the cheek. Perhaps there was a way.

 “Come, Marty, we will take you inside to wash. Uncle Christian will soon be here for lunch.”


Christian had fallen in love with Kaja long before Hans died and even though it had become increasingly difficult to see her, he feared it was much too soon to ask for her hand in marriage. He would have bedded her right then if he thought she would have him, but he must be very careful.

She was a strong willed woman, and a man would have to be satisfied with second place. He’d seen the fire in her dark eyes when Sophia had lashed out at her at Hans’ funeral. It was very obvious how much she loved her children and had put them above anything else in her life.

He finally found the courage to talk to her about his feelings. “How will you save money for Norway and still support yourself and Marty?”

“I will work as many hours as I can until I have enough money to return to Norway.”

It was just as he thought. He must act now or risk losing her forever.

 “Kaja, I know it has not been very long since Hans died, but I would take very good care of you and Marty. If we saved our money together, we could send for your children and we could all live in America together.”

Kaja’s eyes danced. “Are you asking me to marry you, Christian Johnson?”


Rubies-Escaping the Curse

Rubies-Escaping the Curse

You’ll want to tune in again next week when we will again see the results of Kaja’s manipulations. The first book of the Rubies Series can be purchased here: Rubies – Book One

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