Bernie Loves Hillary

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Last night this Work at Home Grandma watched for two plus boring hours as the five Democratic candidates for President of the United States stood on a stage patting each other on the back pleased that they had made it through this sham of a debate without saying anything bad about Barack Obama.

This wasn’t a debate.  It was a decision to let Hillary into the “good old boys club”.  There was only one satisfactory moment of glory for the American people when big pharma was mentioned as one of the leading causes for the demise of rational health care and the need for a government funded mechanism.

Unfortunately, few people realize that because of the way Obama Care is structured, big pharma is not hurting at all and it is the senior citizens of this country who are paying for it.  Again this year insurance premiums went up on Part D Medicare an astronomical amount and co-pays for certain drugs were moved to a higher tier so that big pharma could put more money in their pocket.

I can’t even list the number of times I have stood at a pharmacy counter where a senior had to go home without their medication because the drug was suddenly higher than it had been just the month before. Yet all these instances are ignored or swept under the rug.   It’s not the insurance companies, doctors or hospitals that are solely responsible for the outrageous medical costs in this country – it is the pharmaceutical industry.

Big pharma thrives and continues to make billions of dollars off the backs of our entire country.  They have effective lobbyists who work very hard to keep their bottom line in the black.   They continue to lower standards for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes control in such a way that more and more drugs need to be prescribed.  We are living in a nation obsessed and controlled by prescription drugs.

In spite of all this, the Democratic “love fest” continued to make a mockery of the hard working middle class by insisting that because the top one percent of earners in this country aren’t paying 100% of the taxes, it is simply not fair. I wonder who they think will supply the jobs if top business owners are forced to take their business elsewhere.  Free college is great but who is going to foot the bill.  I guarantee it will fall on the backs of average Americans who are already over-taxed.

Hillary - Is she in trouble?

Hillary – Is she in trouble?

I am a firm believer in the welfare system when it is truly needed and deserved and often that is the case.  Systems should always be place for those people that actually do suffer financial crisis due to a catastrophe or illness, but sadly this is just not true of the great majority of those people living off the government.   I have been at the grocery store when an exquisitely dressed young woman fills her cart with expensive meat and delicacies and then pays for her groceries with government money.   I have watched as neighbors collecting welfare drive two or three cars and purchase expensive toys to display in their driveways.   Yet nothing is done about this and thus we go on and on watching the collapse of a nation that once was built on a system of fairness and hard work and has turned into the nanny state where the media controls the information they want us to know.  It is presented exactly the way they wish it to be perceived and we swallow all the garbage and ingest it into our minds.

Garbage in breeds garbage out and that is what is happening to America.  Winners don’t get rewarded anymore; they receive participation trophies.   There are no winners in this rule of thought as all motivation to excel is lost.  Gone are the days when the person that works harder, longer and better reaps the reward of his work.   Now those who do nothing are given the same as those who do everything.

Bernie Sanders is very dedicated to the socialistic concepts and everyone cheers and applauds his robust statements of spreading the wealth, but just wait until the trickledown effect seeps its way to their own pocketbooks.  The cheering will be replaced by moaning of regret that our free nation is no longer free but living by the command of the government.

The founding fathers I’m sure must be turning in their graves.  I’m sure Abraham Lincoln would roll his eyes.  “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth” is a slowly dissipating concept and we all sitting around and watching it happen.

The demographics of our country are changing rapidly.  Do you know how few Caucasian children are born today in the world compared to children of color?  According to the Census Bureau’s estimation for 2012, 50.4% of American children under the age of one belonged to minority groups. That is not a problem if all those able to work do just that. It’s those people that come into our country with the sole purpose of using the system to get a free ride who cause negative attitudes to thrive. Those who contribute to society are a welcome asset no matter what their ethnic background.

Getting back to the debate (if you must call it that) the best part was when Bernie defended Hillary regarding her infamous “email scandal” and everyone applauded his generosity.  Hillary was elated and even shook his hand on stage.  I wonder how much money Bernie was paid for his statement.   Just a thought; not an accusation.

Although it is a wide consensus that Bernie Sanders won the debate by his flamboyant “email defense of Hillary”, I think it’s pretty clear that Hillary has pulled herself up by the bootstraps (along with the help of her fellow candidates) and will be her party’s candidate in the election of 2016. It doesn’t surprise me that Benghazi, the email scandal, and whatever else lies beneath the surface, will continued to be swept under the veritable rug and there it will disintegrate.   I’m sure Joe Biden was waiting to determine if he was a viable candidate depending on last night’s outcome.

But what about the opposite end of the spectrum?   In today’s polling, Ben Carson is only one percent away from Donald Trump and in a head to head match he is 11% ahead of Hillary Clinton and the strongest match up.  A debate between Hillary and Ben would be like watching Einstein discuss his theory of relativity with a mouse fighting its way through a maze to reach the cheese at the other side.

Read Ben Carson's Book here: A More Perfect Union: What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties

Read Ben Carson’s Book

I can’t end my thoughts without one final comment that really hit a nerve with me.  The question was asked from Social Media, “Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?” I was appalled when the majority of the candidates touted that of course “black lives matter the most”.  All of them seized the moment to pander to their political base by maligning our justice system, blaming gun control and police brutality for black deaths in America.

The true facts are in 2012 the CDC reported 140 blacks were killed by police in comparison to 386 whites.  Research done over a 13 year period showed a ratio of 1130 blacks compared to 2151 whites killed by police.  Talk show host Larry Elder did his own research and found that black deaths by police have decreased by 75% since 1999.  In fact police shootings nationwide are down dramatically from what they were 20 or 30 years ago.  We just hear about every incident immediately as it’s shoved in our faces to stir up racial controversy.  If these numbers are correct then we are being grossly manipulated by our government and the media.

Read Ben Carson’s newest book by clicking here: A More Perfect Union: What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties    

Hillary made the comment that there are 99 murders daily from gun violence.  I don’t know if her facts are correct but it was interesting that she omitted stating that most of those deaths occur in Chicago on a daily basis and most of them involve black crime.   This fact is always ignored by Barack Obama and other Democratic pundits. If President Obama is so worried about gun crime why not begin in Chicago?

Yes, crime exists in America and yes, our tax code is unfair and often benefits the rich, yes our justice system often punishes the innocent more than the guilty, but we still live in a land where we can choose our religion, where women can speak their mind, and where everyone can choose their sexual orientation without fear of death.

What will be the future for America?  Do we really want to be controlled by the media instead thinking for ourselves?

But the most important question:  do we really want to sit back and watch while our country is destroyed from within?

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