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Rubies – Escaping the Curse – The Death of a Child

Last week you read about the terrible accident in which Kaja’s 18 month old child is burned over her entire body by hot grease.  Today we see the outcome of that tragedy and how Kaja’s anger for her husband throws her into heartbreak.     She finally sees a side to her husband that she never knew existed and she now has new hope for her future.

Rubies – Escaping the Curse – Book excerpt 

It has been several months since Martha’s accident and Kaja has just given birth to a son. Hans would not pay for a hospital for Marty and she had almost died because of it.  

The past few nights had brought an early frost and Kaja feared it meant another long winter. It had been four months since Marty’s accident and it was certain now her arms would be scarred for life.

She had lost all her baby teeth and it was doubtful she would ever have a full set of permanent teeth.

Kaja tried to control her anger when she recalled the doctor’s words. “If only the infection hadn’t gone so far.”

Little Hans began to cough and Kaja brushed her hand across the baby’s forehead.

“Hans come quickly,” Kaja screamed, jerking her hand away from the baby burning skin. “He is hot with fever!”

Hans placed his ear close to the baby’s mouth. His face paled. “Why did you not tell me this sooner? We must send William for the doctor!”

Astonished at his accusing tone, Kaja wanted to unleash the terrible anger she felt inside, but she bit her tongue in silence.

William didn’t return for over an hour. “Doc’s out to the Larsens, Papa. Mrs. Larsen is in labor and it’s real bad.  

Lars says the baby is turned wrong and they may both die.”

Kaja had already started boiling water, and Hans was holding the baby over the hot steam. Little Hans was wheezing and coughing while his fever increased.

“Then we will do what we can until the doctor comes. Help your momma with the water. I will tend to my son.”

As Kaja watched, she wondered how many other sides of this man she would see. She had seen his strength in crisis, his unrelenting authority, his passion as a lover, and now his tender nurturing as a father. If only he had shown enough love and compassion for Martha, perhaps the child would not be scarred for life. Kaja began to weep.

Do not worry, the child will survive,” Hans spoke with conviction. “I will see to it.”

Kaja’s heart was breaking. If only he knew her tears were not for her son but the little girl that had taken all her love.


Kaja knelt down at the feet of her husband. “Hans, you can’t sit in this rocker all night. Please come to bed.”

 Only two hours before she’d watched this strong man hold the small baby next to this breast and weep   uncontrollably. Little Hans had died in his arms. He hadn’t spoken a word since.

The doctor had arrived only minutes later but he said it wouldn’t have mattered. Kaja felt sick inside. She had never wanted the child and now God was punishing her again for her selfishness.

“Hans, the doctor said there was nothing to be done. The pneumonia had gone too far.”

She felt his hand touch her hair, and she looked up into his eyes.

“Finally I understand your pain, my Kaja. To lose a child is to lose part of oneself. I promise you as soon as it is safe to travel, I will see that you have the money to return to Norway for your children.”

As tears rolled down her face, she reached for his hand and covered it with her lips. How long she had waited to hear the words. Perhaps her punishment was finally over. Perhaps God had forgiven her at last.

Tune in again next week for another installment of Rubies – Escaping the Curse

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